Toddler Bed Transition: Round 2

If you're following me on Instagram {and why wouldn't you?} then you saw the revival of the infamous toddler bed last weekend. I was hesitant to allow this change. Ok, fine, I was terrified but Brandon thinks its time for another go.

You may recall our first attempt at the toddler bed ended with Brandon drilling the crib back together at 4 a.m. one morning as Jackson and I both sat back crying crocodile tears.

Well, after four nights of no-fuss bedtimes I mentally begin drafting a victory post in regards to the toddler bed transition. Then it happened; we hit a wall. And now, I'm coming to you hat in hand pleading for mommy advice.

Last night, we went through our usual routine, went to put Jackson to sleep and ended up fighting bloodcurdling screams and demands to go to mommy and daddy's room for a good hour. He treated his entire room with complete disdain and wanted no part of being near it.

I finally gave in, letting J sleep in our bed.

Any parent who's ever let their child share the bed knows how this really ends....

I'd like tonight to involve far fewer roundhouse kicks to the face. In fact, none would be ideal.

I've analyzed Jackson's room over and over since last night and literally nothing is different, aside from the toddler bed. He has (knock on wood) not shown signs of having an ear infection, which is usually his only sleep deterrent. He's done so well this week, I know we need to stay strong with the toddler bed.

Caving in again tonight is not an option.

So share with me mamas, how do I get my toddler back in his bed?!