Baby Signs

You know those moments when you'd give just about anything for your toddler to just tell you what he wants already?! Those moments where he's been pulling at your leg, pointing in thin air and motioning to absolutely nothing but still demanding something. I know you do. Every mom does. 

I had those moments the most when Jackson was on the brink of actual toddlerhood. Around 15 months, he had so much more energy, curiosity and development than in months prior but something was still missing. That something? Words. He had the mama and dada but not really much else. 

Then began his biting streak. So.Much.Biting. Pair the biting with his chronic ear infections, and this mama was beginning to worry he was having some speech delay. This was a tough time for our little guy to say the least.

And then, he moved to a new school; a school that taught him Baby Signs. 

That's when heavens opened and the angels sang, ahem, what I mean to say is Jackson caught onto the signing quickly and each week appeared home testing out a new sign. It wasn't long before all family members were learning the signs with him. 

Thanks to our school, we even have a printout on our fridge for reference. 

The copy we have is based on the Baby Signs program. Which I now know has an array of products to help teach your child signing. Since he's been learning at school, we've kind of been learning along with him as he teaches us {along with our reference page}.

Jackson's most used signs are: more, please, coat, night night, eat, all done and cold. There are so many signs for them to learn as they focus on different words per monthly lessons. 

Time and time again, these signs have been a means of communication for Jackson in which he'd otherwise have acted out. I've seen these signs help ease his frustration which makes for a much happier home! Truly, I cannot say enough good things about teaching your little ones baby signs. It has helped Jackson's development by leaps and bounds. 

Have you done Baby Signs with your little ones? I'd love to hear about your experience!

*FYI this is not a sponsored post. Baby Signs is just so rockin' I had to share!


  1. We did Baby Signs with E and I loved it! I really think that is helped develop her language/skills and vocabulary. I recommend it to everyone!

  2. We started signing with W around 7-8 months and it was wonderful! We loved his being able to let us know simple things like "more" and "all done." and it was a great way to teach him "please." He also loves watching the Signing Time episodes.

  3. I didn't do signing but I think it can really help. Kids get so frustrated when you don't understand glad Jackson loves it!

  4. We've done a handful of signs with both boys and it is AMAZING. Communication is fantastic! ;)

  5. Hi Erin! I love your blog! My daughter Rory (she is 18 months) learned signs at school and it has helped us communicate with her while she is learning to talk. I think the most helpful thing has been the sign for hurt. When she hits, if we tell her it hurts accompanied by the sign she "gets it" and stops.

    On her daily school sheet it often tells me the signs she is working on. On the ride home I ask her them and I never know if they are right, so this poster is great, printing now!

  6. We taught Henry the basics starting around 10 months: milk, all done, eat, sleep and maybe one or two more. SO helpful and I loved knowing what it is he wanted. I bought some Baby Signs stuff but found it kind of a waste of money - why pay when you can just google/print for free these days??

  7. Yes! We did baby sign with Braden...but didn't really have to do it very long because he is SUCH a chatter box and learned to say all that he needed very fast! He knew- more, please, milk, and done. That's about all he needed.


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