Cause My Kid Likes Cake More Than Yours

Before Emma and Jackson's cake even hit the table, hell before it even reached eye level, Jackson was blowing out the candles. Perhaps all those afternoons blowing bubbles were all building up to this very moment. Cause my kid? Kind of stole the candle thunder.

One down, three to go...

I can hear him thinking: I got this, Emma! The quicker these things go out, the quicker we get to eat this cake! Trust me! That sweet girl had no idea he'd hoard all the candles. Thankfully, she was kind enough to let him. 

So, to give Emma her glory moment of blowing out the candles, we relit them. Not even a moment before that party director had her lighter next to the candle, Jackson was headed to dig in.

A little Mommy restraint and one candle later, Jackson started back at blowing out all the candles. Again! 

One more down...aaaaannnndd screw it, let's just eat this cake!

At this point, I knew Emma was not going to get her moment.
However, all were happy and no forks were used as weapons :)

In fact, forks weren't even used at all.

I had a tough time containing myself with all the cuteness that was Jackson {and Emma's} 2nd Birthday party, for obvious reasons. I've reflected on this party all week, day in, day out. It's one of those days that turns out so fabulous you'd give just about anything for a redo.

We may or may not still be walking around singing Happy Birthday.