Coping or something like that.

My breath hitches and I hold back the flow of tears.

This brief moment has been on repeat too much lately. I could cry at the drop of a pin right now. The miscellaneous comment from my boss, an email from a friend, a NickJr commercial. You name, I'm tearing up.

Coping by definition means to deal with and attempt to overcome difficulties. I think I even read in there somewhere it means to do so successfully.

Damn you, Merriam-Webster. What if I don't feel like being successful on these difficulties? What if I just want to hang my head and cry? What if I just can't?

Deep breathes. It's crazy how much they help the soul. Deep breathes.

So, here I am, coping, hoping, praying that I come out of this situation successfully, more so, gracefully. Lord knows, extra emotional obstacles were the last thing I needed this week, but for some reason he's placed them here anyhow. Way to up the ante Big Guy.