Friday, Friday, Friday!

Dear Friday, thank you for being you. Stay classy.

Dear Good Friday, I extra appreciate you for getting me out of work today. Yes, I said it. And I have no shame. This mama needed to take her baby to the doctor and get packed for a weekend away.

Dear Doctors offices, my child totally rocked the waiting rooms this week with the patience of a cheetah. Or whatever animal is suppose to be patient {while simultaneously running wild, but only in a cute manner}.

Dear Jackson, I can't stop thinking about your 2nd Birthday Party with Emma. It was beyond words. {cake photos and party detail posts are already up}

Dear Chi Omega Active, we met yesterday to plan for next year and you used the word "Salty" as an adjective for someone acting in a sketchy manner. Is "salty" the new "sketchy"?

Dear Easter Weekend, all of the Easter Egg hunts I found for the weekend run from noon to 2 p.m. What's that about?! Clearly parents didn't plan this as 80% of kids NAP from noon to 2 p.m. Here's to hoping we can work this out somehow.

Dear Work, we did my first annual review yesterday. Still can't believe it's been a year. Oh and? Thanks for the raise, my budget appreciates it lots! More on this milestone next week :)

Dear Readers, next week I'll be sharing some unsolicited advice with a guest post, perhaps a little DIY, a little weekend recap from the mountain trip and birthday weekend outtakes!

Here's a little taste of a Birthday Blooper to hold you over for the weekend.

Happy Easter Weekend, lovely friends!

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