It's Ok...

Somehow this Thursday feels like it should be both a Tuesday and a Friday. Maybe even Monday, which makes no sense at all. In lieu of some serious mommy brain this week, I'm throwing my hands up and going with the theory it's ok.

It's ok that for a solid 30 minutes yesterday morning I thought my toddler had eaten my wedding rings. This realization, of course, did not come until after he'd been dropped off for daycare. So, I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get into the mindset of a toddler. But alas, it was the mommy who'd simply forgotten where she left her rings. #mommybrain #everytime

It's ok that I just hash-tagged right in the middle of my post.

It's ok that I've been planning to share my latest kitchen creation with you today, but don't have the post anywhere near ready because we've been too busy munching of these delicious treats!

And then, just when I thought I was ready to write the post, I spent all night drooling over the photos. So, yeah, it's ok that you'll have to wait one more day for this Girl Scout inspired recipe.

It's ok that I'm on the brink of a party planning frenzy.

Invitations given to friends. Check.
Birthday shirt ordered. Check. 
Cake in the works.
Gift bags in the works.
Lots of Pinterest ahead. And wine.

It's ok, though, because it's Thursday.

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