Like Father, Like Son

Jackson loves nothing more than good day on the farm breathing in the fresh air and taking a little time from life for some fishing.

I should've known it wouldn't be long before he was venturing off the doc. Without a second of hesitance, Jackson was jumping on the boat as Brandon suited him up with a life vest. These guys were as happy as could be. I, on the other hand, was a little more than worried. 

But when their minds are set on something...well who am I to end the fun?

Plus? This moment was priceless. The smile on Jackson's face as the boat lifted into the water was pure joy. 

It's one of those parenting moments you dream of. At least, I would think this would be one of those moments for a father. I certainly know it was for Brandon. He's been talking of the day he could taking Jackson fishing with him for some time now. I'm fairly certain he brought home Jack's first fishing pole when he was the ripe old age of nine months. 

Oh yes, this is one for the books.