Little Party People {Guest Post}

When it’s a question of how best to celebrate a child’s birthday, chances are your offspring are more than likely to give you some clear indication as to how they’d like to mark the occasion.

As children get older, they tend towards trips to the cinema or theme parks and forays to fast food outlets. Their birthday outings tend to be in the company of a select few friends who are chosen carefully with all the solemnity of a state ceremony.

Prior to the serious business of school, however, are the pre-school and primary years and during this period it would seem that only a full blown party will hit the spot.

The thought of a room rammed floor to ceiling with overexcited infants may leave you quaking in your boots. Alternatively you may view a child’s party as the ultimate excuse to don your party planner’s cap and get creative and caught up in the magic of the event.

Your budget may allow you to bring in an entertainer, trained in the art of satisfying even the most insatiable infantile appetite for amusement. Your preferred professional will arrive armed with an array of party tricks up his or her colorfully adorned sleeve. From balloon modelling to magic and face painting, your partygoers will be amused, entertained and whipped into a frenzy of overexcitement and hysteria.

Of course, such services often incur considerable costs, so it may be down to mummy or daddy to play at being maestro.  If that’s the case, seek solace in the fact that young children are easily amused. A few pre-snack party games played to pop music will keep the little ones entertained for longer than you’d imagine. Old favorites such as pass-the-parcel and musical bumps are easy to explain and the additional incitement of prizes always piques the interest of even the most disinterested infant.

Encouraging the children to come in fancy dress always creates an additional distraction, as the guests spend a considerable amount of time admiring each other’s garb, relishing the role-play and eventually swapping suits and sharing outfits.

Before you know it, it’ll be time to cut the cake and pass around the party bags. The little people will be all partied out and should at least be pooped enough to guarantee the grown-ups a good night’s sleep.  

This is a guest post by a third party. For full disclosure visit my sponsor page.