Put Mah Name On It

This is a post written on behalf of Custom On It.

Being Southern essentially makes it a requirement to love a good monogram. I think, in fact, we may just be born with this love flowing through our veins. And? This love for a good monogram knows no bounds. Shirts, cups, towels, you name we've got it. Hell, I even have a monogrammed lamp shade. No bounds, people, none.

As the years pass, my little love of monograms has evolved. Nowadays, you'll find me walking around with everything stamped with my work logo. Cup, coat, coffee mug every.single.day. So, you'll understand how I manage to all too often find myself scheming ideas for our office use from Custom On It.

After six years, Custom On It is just few months away from relaunching their site to feature up to 800 more customizable products. For real! They're already offering items such as koozies, wristbands, coasters and more. Can you imagine the possibilities with this site after adding 800 more products? Um, yes, please.

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This is a post written by me on behalf of Custom On It. All opinions above are my own, find full disclosure here