When you blink

Another month flies by;
Another milestone met; 
Another day for the memory books, the good and the bad. 
The mood swings of a full-term pregnant woman couldn't compete with the roller coaster that is Jackson's personality. I don't fault him, though, this is certainly a classic onset of the so-call terrible twos.  However, from what I've been reading lately, three is worse than two. So? I'm soaking up the joy that two also brings. 

Despite his aversion to all meat and his refusal of many mommy-made meals, this kid is still growing like a weed. I mean, my goodness, we are well on our way to that Alabama offensive line, who knows maybe even defense. It'll be interesting to see what his height and weight ratios really are when we have his two-year check-up later this month. I, for one, am thankful he hasn't outgrown those chunky baby thighs.

I've realized Jackson's 2nd birthday is a mere 18 days away.

How can this be?! 

Oh wait, I know. We've officially endured almost two entire years of parenting. Of being "on" at every single second of the day. Of tagging in and out of diaper duty. Of late night screaming and early morning cuddles. We've done it. We're parenting. And we're kind of awesome, most days.

Some days we fail. Those days, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and take the same words of encouragement we give Jackson: Just keep going. 

Welcome March, my baby turns two this month!

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