Happy, but heavy hearts.

Life lately? Well, it's been busy; it's been full; it's been demanding; it's been cherished. 

Amidst the DIY projects, the onset of big work things and Jackson's birthday, I've taken some time to step back. This step has allowed me the opportunity to soak up every possible second, not just of my wild toddler but also of my husband and my work. 

From the silly enunciations of Jackson's words, to the many lovely gestures from my husband to the thriving career I'm paving for myself with Firm B, I've opened myself to the opportunity of embracing these moments more readily. 
Little did I know, this finite change in my social routine would affect my sprit so strongly. By disconnecting just a few extra moments each day, I've found so much more enjoyment in the bustle that has become our everyday. The stressors aren't so stressful, the planning isn't so structured and the moments are more meaningful.

We're quickly cruising through the April calendar and I've found myself so lost in documenting the moments, in finding that post topic, and capturing the photo that I lost touch with life, with what we are really doing. 

I was losing my ever-loving-mind that my toddler won't pose for a single.picture.ever. My Pinterest projects were epic fails, with the exception of the husband's book shelves. Work has been the calm before the storm, and now, we're officially in the heart of the storm. All this as I battled case 53,203 of writer's block. 
2013 is not showing any signs of slowing down; in fact, we are just getting going. And with each email, Facebook and crazy app alert we're adding more to our calendar every day. Anniversaries, weddings, vacations, oh my! 

And this? This is what matters. These blessing we see in our lives. These moments of joy and sorrow. This is what my blog is about, er, supposed to be about. Sharing our story, our view from 510. Expect to find a bit more of me, our family and the raw situations life is presenting to us within my posts.


Special Announcements: 

As of today, I've owned this domain name for a year. Yep, one year ago we became The View From 510 and I couldn't be more excited to get back to the basics! 

Over the next seven days, I will be approaching some big events at work and we (Brandon and our friends) also hope to find some closure in regards to our friend and brother Jimmy. I hope to be back to regular posting from here on out, but only my heart will know when it's right to come back. Prayers for our friends and family are much appreciated as we approach some life-altering milestones in the next weeks.