Marriage is a choice, everyday.

It's a choice to share your days, good and bad, every one of them.

It's a choice to look past the imperfections of your loved one.

It's a choice to pick your battles.

It's a choice to go to bed mad if that's what's best for your relationship.

It's a choice to watch your words and respect your spouse.

It's a choice to have faith in the person walking the road of marriage beside you.


Brandon and I tend to be a couple who bicker. Some days I wonder if it's because we are too similar or is it we're too different? All I know, is our relationship is colored with highs and lows.

We are not that subtle couple in the corner who can share a whisper and poof any tension has faded. No, we are each much too vocal, indecisive and passionate to just let it go.

Many times in life I've wished were that couple. You know the one I'm talking about. In fact, I think my best friend has this relationship. I'm not certain they even ever bicker. Life just isAnd that's good for them. Our relationship cannot be compared to theirs, though, or anyone else's for that matter. I must remember, we're each making our own path in marriage.


It's a choice to see the sunshine through the rain.

It's a choice to find the middle ground when we've moved too far apart.

It's a choice to love the other for their growth, change and aspirations.

It's a choice to commit a friendship to one another despite all obstacles of life.

It's a choice whose abundance of blessings far outweighs any bicker-filled, bad day.


The beginning, middle and ending may vary, but each day we make these choices in marriage to keep up us growing forward. Yes, growing forward. Because really that's what each choice boils down to, growing together in our future.


  1. So true! I really like this post...and it is a choice to choose to grow forward...and to compromise. Marriage is hard work!

  2. Great post! So many times those couples who never fight later you will find out have some big secret they are hiding. Arguing and disagreeing, as long as you aren't fighting dirty, shows you care. When you don't care enough to have an opinion or you've shut down your emotions completely so you don't bother to argue, that's when there is a real problem. Putting the next foot forward every day with an "I love you even" is what makes you stronger together!

  3. Indeed. I do always say you can't ever know what someone else's marriage is like, so I try not to compare or fall to wishful thinking - but couples that appear happy are always inspiring! Your post is a good reminder of what keeps it going :)

  4. You're so right. And it's so hard not to compare. But you're right, and I love this.

  5. I agree with ya girl- No marriage is perfect, every marriage is work!

  6. I agree! My husband and I bicker, we have too. But we once it's done it's over and we learn from it. We do our best not to go to bed angry, but we aren't perfect and sometimes it does happen. If we never bickered or got angry I'd think there was something wrong....that we stopped caring.

  7. I love this. It's so true, for most marriages I'd say. Especially when small children are involved, because everything is so day to day.


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