My Husband does laundry, like a boss.

Prior to becoming parents, Brandon and I lived together for four years. And in those four years, I could count on one, okay maybe two, hands how many loads of laundry Brandon did in that time.

Now, for a shocking confession: I liked doing laundry.


I know!

When it was just me and him with maybe a load or two of laundry each week it was no biggie. Plus, he worked full-time and went to school full-time during most of those years. I, on the other hand, had more flexible school and work schedules. So, it just worked out.

Over the last two years though, I've been singing a much different tune when it comes to laundry. Working full-time, mom-ing full-time, wife-ing full-time (husband may disagree) and blogging part-time (?), my plate is overflowing.

It was during the first few months following maternity leave that I noticed Brandon did not one but two loads of laundry. I remained mum, high-fiving myself for that unrequested awesomeness.

And wouldn't you know, the laundry trend continued. Here we are two years later and laundry has officially become his chore along with many others. Some days my jaw still hits the floor when I see how many loads of laundry he cycles through the house in a day. In this sense, he'd make one damn good SAHD.

He's done so well lately keeping our house in order and Jackson smiling that I left him and Jack for a day together while I attended an out-of-town wedding shower this weekend.

I'm not going to lie, I had full confidence in Brandon until just hours before leaving. Jackson was throwing one of his worst fits to date and my mama and wife guilt was coming on heavy. Brandon thankfully assured me things would be fine and pushed me out the door.

To have been a fly on the wall during their day together would've been priceless. The few moments Brandon managed to capture for me were enough to show that their day together was one for the books.

In true toddler tantrum fashion, Jackson woke up with an attitude. I was sent the "he's standing in the corner crying" text. Thankfully, a handful of minutes later I recieved the "we're getting out of the house" text. And? They even remembered his sunglasses (Jackson's current must-have item). Hours passed as I mingled at the shower and headed to the outlet mall with my mom.

I began to worry, things had been too quiet. But alas, I received the "we're at McDonald's because he kept asking for fries" text. And in that moment I knew: they were good. Just wait though, this toddler's life got even better, he got an ice cream cone on the way out. Say what?! Someone sure was trying to sneak in as the favorite!

Missing bedtime that night by just thirty minutes, I returned to a husband who was calm, cool and collected.

My heart grew three sizes that day hearing Brandon sum up his day with Jackson. Their father/son relationship blossomed that day, in those few hours. And then, when questioning Jackson the following day, my heart beamed with happiness hearing his happy recollection of his outings with Dad.

Brandon and I both underestimate his innate ability to be a top notch husband and dad some days.

So, husband, if you're reading this, you rocked this weekend. Truly, every notion I've ever had for you as a partner was fullfilled in the last 48 hours. From laundry, to yard work, to bonding with our wild child you're the best.