New Design, BlogLovin, BlogHer, Oh My!

Oh hai there. Yes, it's me coming to you with two posts in one day. I mean business, y'all.

Typically I'd tell you to jump out of Google Reader and take a look around my new blog design. However, we all received the life-altering news that Google Reader will be shutting down come July 2013. So, I guess that little saying is out the window and creates more business to tend to.

If you're still in Google Reader, I recommend heading to Bloglovin' immediately and setting up a profile. I tried Feedly first and just didn't take to it as quickly as Bloglovin'. So, yeah, I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

Follow me? Ahem, just click the icon...I'll wait while you add me to your feeds.
Follow on Bloglovin

Now that we've gotten that out of the way: Are you seeing my new design?! This has been many moons in the making. For far too many months this design has been sitting in pieces. Thanks to some help from my dear friend Tiffany, I finished things up and managed a fresh look for our Spring season.

You'll see some updated topics in my sidebar as I'm hoping to make things a little more user-friendly
Looking for a recipe? printable? parenting tips & disasters? It's all there!

Last, but certainly not least, I'm attending BlogHer 13 this summer. I've made this announcement once or twice before on the ole blog but now? Now, it's just a few months away and things are getting real. Between now and July 25 I have lists galore, plans aplenty and excitement building. 

It should go without saying, there are some great things in the works for The View From 510.

Have you switched to Bloglovin, Feedly, whatever other option and I'm not seeing your blog? I'd hate to miss out on your blogs just as much as I'd miss you reading mine. So, leave me a comment if you've moved as well!

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