The Future of Music

As the Toddler and I rode to school this morning, I cranked up the music for some early morning sing-alongs. My loud signing quickly drowned out the tiny voice coming from the backseat. Though, once I heard his voice I turned the radio down a bit, praying Jack wouldn't catch onto me listening into his jam session.

Boooonngggg, Boooonnnggg, Boooong. Beh-dong, he sang with so much heart.

Our crazy kid was back there not signing the song on the radio, but once again humming the tune to the beginning of his favorite Eric Church song, Creepin.

This determined singer did not stop at just one round of this prelude. No, he repeated it over and over and over. Right on beat and always a bit off tune. Jamming nonetheless.

My mommy heart was bursting as my smile spread from ear to ear. Through the rearview mirror, I could see the slight nod of his head and the expressions of his sweet brows as he belted out his favorite little diddy.

I couldn't help but think, here he is: my future musician. Just like his daddy, never singing the words but focusing on the beat. Perhaps this is the drummer in him. Or guitar player. No matter the instrument, I just adore seeing his love for music already blossoming.

He surprises me everyday, and I'm so thankful for this morning sing-along reminder.