Ch.Ch.Checking in.

Am I the only mama struggling to believe it's just Wednesday?
I mean, for real? How is it not Friday already?!

Ahem, no glass half-full business today.

In case you were wondering, we're still drowning in Terrible Two tantrums.

The View From 510

Dear mamas who've survived to tell about this season of life: does it last all year? 

Lord, I hope not.

My insane self will be packing up this unruly toddler, my handy husband, both dogs and half our house for our first family trip to Edisto in two days. Just!Two!More!Sleeps!

The View From 510

I'm vowing not to stress.
I'm praying for toddler happiness.
And I'm making sure there is a babysitter and a fresh drink ready upon arrival.

What are your Memorial Day plans? Getting away for the long weekend?

One last thing on this mishmash of a Wednesday....

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