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Maternity leave is a funny season of life. The days that filled the ten weeks following Jackson's arrival were like nothing I could've imagined. The range of emotions experienced during those first postpartum weeks are only comprehensible through first-person experience.

Feed. Play. Sleep. Repeat. 
Feed Play. Sleep. Repeat. 

In the midst of our three hour routine, I found myself on my macbook discovering mom blogs. Day after day, naptime after naptime, I settled in for my hour of blog reading before Jackson's next feeding. The more blogs I found, the more posts I felt compelled to comment on, the more I began to wonder if they (the bloggers) knew I was commenting. If they (these awesome bloggers) ever checked my Google Profile that blogger comments link to.

At the time, this was actually how I found many bloggers: through the comments and Google Profiles. But clicking my profile wouldn't lead you anywhere because I didn't have it linked to a blog.

The journalist in me already created a little blog to keep family updated and while that was fun, the writer in me needed a place for unsupervised documentation of our days. No old friends peeking in to read, no mother-in-law hearing my latest rant, no one to consider in censoring my writing. It would, in fact, be a place to just write and share our story from my heart.

And these bloggers? They seemed so in tune to my every thought.
In those weeks, I needed to be a part of this community.

Two years ago, I created this blog. I opened my heart, and I began to weave my story within this community May 2011.

I sit here today a stronger woman, a better mother, a more confident writer. I return to this space each week to share my life with the women who cheer me through my happiest of happy and my lowest of low.

The mommy wars wage on; however, the majority of this community continues to finds solace in friendship. I attempt to keep my attention from any of the mommy war hoopla because I know. I get it.

I'm seeing this revolution in mom blogging from this inside and let me tell you: it's beautiful. Not one day passes that I am not encouraging or encouraged by a member of this blog community. In the trenches of modern parenting, life is a mess of gadgets, smart phones, social media and one over-crowded fast lane.

Often society forgets that mothers are also women. Let me say again: mothers are also women. We are not just the person wiping snot from noses, menu planning and attempting to keep our family from drowning in laundry. We are also aspiring to be the individuals we were before adding mom to the resume.

Generations of women have attempted to find balance in the titles of woman and mother. In pursuing this balance for my life, I found blogging. I found a community to lift me up, laugh with me, guide me and pray with me. And I contribute just the same to this community.

So, I'll let the mommy wars continue to wage as I bask in the grace of my mom blog community. I, for one, would not trade this season in blogging and motherhood for anything.

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  1. Love this, Erin! So glad you blog and that we "found" each other! :)

  2. Glad you blog and found your community!

  3. I too am so glad that you blog! Sounds like you have a great group of blogger friends!

  4. I can totally relate to how you feel about wanting "unsupervised documentation." Sometimes I feel crazy for having a blog that I want strangers to read, but not my family or friends. Thanks for sharing!

  5. It's really hard to keep a sense of self with little ones! A blog is the best way for me to keep my voice! I do need to vent occasionally so I have a couple drafts that will never be published. :) Don't want in-laws and other snoopers finding a few things!
    Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick

  6. I'm glad you blog and glad to have found you!

  7. I'm not a mom, but I absolutely LOVED this post. So well spoken...I mean written. :)

  8. So true! I didn't really find out how great this community was until I was a mom. I also like that my family doesn't know about my blog, so that is can be uncensored.

  9. It is such a wonderful community and so glad you are in mine!

  10. I’m so glad for your blog and found your community! All the sayings are lovely and impressing me a lot.


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