Motherhood is Messy

It's been clear to me that Jackson needs more structured activities during the weekend. So, I've taken to my Pinterest boards to actually use some of the items I've pinned.

Seeing as Mother's Day was approaching and my go-to gift for Grandparents has been a handprint craft, I knew exactly what we'd do. My nerves run wild when talking myself into letting Jackson purposefully plant his hands into puddles of paint. But? He loves it. Every. Single. Time. 


We crafted. 

At this point we've pretty much perfected the Grandparents line-up. And as the holidays pass, each Grandparent expands their collection of Jackson prints. Ok, so maybe I do these crafts just a little bit for my collection too :)

Printable via The Crafting Chicks
Mother's Day this year was a bit different. We spent the day driving back home from our weekend visiting family in Middle Tennessee. To say that the weekend presented many challenges would be an understatement. 

Many times over the last 72 hours I caught myself whining over, well, a plethora of unimportant things. Jackson's lack of sleep, our lack of schedule, the overall lack of intelligent drivers on the road. This was supposed to be Mother's Day weekend for goodness sake?! I should've been walking on rainbows while tossing glitter or something as equally cheery.

That was not the reality of {most} of my Mother's Day weekend. 

But as we mothers know, motherhood is not all rainbows. In fact, many days are scattered with showers. It's those moments of sunshine though that keep up moving in motherhood. 

For these moments I am grateful. 

Motherhood may be messy, but it's worth every rainbow and every shower. 

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