She Believed She Could, So She Did {Printable}

My sister-in-law graduates from college this weekend. So, we're packing up and headed out of here Thursday night. Few things are worth the seven-hour drive to Tennessee, but this must be one of the most worthy road trips of all.

There are some students who go to school and leave still naive to the real world. She is not that student.  I could not be prouder of the person she's proven to be during her college years. I know all too well the bleak economy she's entering, especially in her profession, but I know she'll persevere.

She's a believer and a doer, through and through. The goals she has for her career are deserving of admiration, and the efforts she's put forth to earn this degree are worthy of so much celebration this weekend.

In honor of this milestone, I whipped up this printable to frame along with her graduation gift.

Download your own copy of the printable (5x7) here or email me for more details on getting this with custom coloring (!

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