Toddlerhood Will Tear You Down

Flailing himself around the room post-nap, it resembled a scene from the exorcist. But no, just our toddler raging from what was clearly a far too early wake-up from nap-time.

Our attempts to tame the beast went unsuccessful time and time again. Tension began to run high as both parents held only a small threshold of patience due to the toddler's enraged attitude for five days straight. Five. Days. Straight. Even a night with Sulli (Grandma) hadn't helped. 

The emotions in our home fluctuate more frequently than those of a full-term mama-to-be. And the effects of Jackson's emotions have reached into the minds of both mom and dad. 

Man your battle stations, people. 
Stock the caffeine, creamer and sauvignon blanc. 
We are officially at a state of war in the 510 residence. 

I believe this war is typically referenced as The Terrible Two's

Well, news flash: we are in the trenches.

I'm trying my best to keep calm, carry on and all that bull-nanny. But really?

I've had to physically wrestle my child out of his pj's, into a diaper, a new shirt, shorts and shoes each day. I've had to pin him down to brush his teeth in fear they're getting cavities due to his ongoing refusal to brush. I've repeated 'no, sweety not everything is yours' and 'we're going to share' more times than I can mentally handle in this moment. 

I have researched. I have prayed. And I have broken down. 

Unfortunately, we're no where near seeing the light.

Jackson is determined, independent and searches for the technicalities in every action. All qualities he's pulled from his mom and dad. In the throws of toddlerhood, I'm desperate to mold these characteristsics into shining qualities rather than potential faults. 

There will be days his attitude will win though, but that's just the battle. That's one single day amongst a sea of others. We will win this war. 

Toddlerhood may tear us down, but we will not be defeated. And years from now, I hope to look back on this salted season seeing the toddler he was and the gentleman he's become.

Don't forget to send the wine.

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