Every child is an artist.

I spent many years yearning to be an artist. 
Due to awful brushstrokes, I settled for studying art as a minor in college. 
It worked for me

But to be an artist? I longed for that creativity. 
I adore seeing the artistic impulses Jackson exhibits. 
It's such a reflection of his father and his uncles, both of which make me happy.


Have you ever known an artist without a sense of humor? Yeah, me neither.

So much independence, this one. His free-thinking side is really starting to take lead.

That imagination, wonder and wander of a child are blossoming each day.
It's both challenging and charming. To put it mildly.

"Every child is an artist." Pablo Picasso  One of my favorite quotes. 

Yes, my little artist, I have a special DIY project in the works featuring your many masterpieces!! Just you wait!

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  1. I love these pictures! As soon as I saw this blog post I had to comment. I was a born artist and I still look like your son after I paint. LOL So glad you shared! Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday. Melissa

    OH... I have coloring pages on my site. Go to the KidsZone http://www.melissaproductions.com


  2. can I just say that I love him and the little faces he makes!!!!

  3. You are an awesome mama to let him go to town with paint like that. My neat freak self would have had to strip him down naked first lol.


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