Every child is an artist.

I spent many years yearning to be an artist. 
Due to awful brushstrokes, I settled for studying art as a minor in college. 
It worked for me

But to be an artist? I longed for that creativity. 
I adore seeing the artistic impulses Jackson exhibits. 
It's such a reflection of his father and his uncles, both of which make me happy.


Have you ever known an artist without a sense of humor? Yeah, me neither.

So much independence, this one. His free-thinking side is really starting to take lead.

That imagination, wonder and wander of a child are blossoming each day.
It's both challenging and charming. To put it mildly.

"Every child is an artist." Pablo Picasso  One of my favorite quotes. 

Yes, my little artist, I have a special DIY project in the works featuring your many masterpieces!! Just you wait!

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