The Third Father's Day

Hard to believe this parenting journey has seen Brandon and I through three seasons of this Hallmark milestone. All cheesiness aside, it's one of those days that causes reflection in even the busiest of days.

Our blur of two-year-old life hasn't left much energy for any excess motivation. But for weeks, I've planned Brandon's gift, a chance to let him dictate our daily activities and some time for him to really relax a bit.

Who are we kidding though? We have a toddler and relaxing is just not in the rulebook. I did, however, manage to keep Jackson entertained long enough for Brandon to sleep in a bit longer than usual. Every parent knows any spare minute of sleeping bliss is heaven!

Our day remained calm as we played at home, cooked our first batch of Dad's Famous Chili and Flapjacks and wasted the day away.

This Father's Day, I hope Brandon knows how thankful we are for him.

Life has thrown several curve balls lately, and he's managed to handle them with more grace than the rest of us. The terrible-twos continue to test our limits and our teamwork is necessary now more than ever. Together, I know we'll continue to see the sunshine through the storm.

You're our sand-seat digger, our handy man, our laundry washer, our dog groomer, the chauffeur, best yard worker, and number one tickle monster.

Thanks for all you do, Brandon. You are such an amazing father to J-Bird.