Google Reader's Last Hoorah

We've been counting the days until Google would follow through with shutting down every blogger's beloved Google Reader. Tomorrow is that day my friends.

Most of us have transitioned over to a new reader, or two, over the last few months. But today I'm receiving frantic emails from Google Reader, Feedly reps and BlogLovin reps reminding me to switch my feeds!

Have you moved your blog-reading habit to BlogLovin?
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Picked a different reader? Feedly seems to be catching quite an audience these days. I tested but didn't love it.

If you have a new reader recommendation, I'd love to hear it.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: leave me a comment with your blogs so I can be sure I'm still following after tomorrow!!! Would hate to lose someone in the shuffle!


  1. Are you following me on bloglovin? For whatever reason I have zero I have no idea if anyone out there is going to ever see my corner of the world again after tomorrow. Not that I have a huge following anyways- but still! :)

    1. Really?! I'm like 99% sure I'm already following you on there. Will double check and let you know!!

      ps quality v quantity :)

    2. I have five followers...but I'm having a hard time figuring out why they are.

  2. I'm using bloglovin. I don't love it but maybe I just love Reader too much?

  3. I did the switch over to bloglovin- but apparently most of those that used to follow me did not... all of my bloglovin followers disappeared! Here is my link

  4. is mine.i went to feedly.

  5. I went to feedly and didn't love it. I also tried blog lovin and it's ok. I really like The Old Reader the best and I pair it with the Feeddler app on my phone.


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