My Kia, My Summer {How to Travel With Toddlers}

As Summer descends on our famously hot city, the humidity becomes so thick your glasses are guaranteed to fog up every single day. Placed smack between the mountains and the beaches of our state, our hometown is a sweltering melting point where these two climates meet.

I both detest and adore this heat factor. The biggest perk? We are only two hours from the mountains and the beach! Doesn't get much better than that, y'all! And seeing as our latest trip to the beach was not quite a success we'll be road-tripping to the mountains for the Fourth of July holiday.

While we're not shy to a good road trip, there are so many things to pack now that we have a toddler in tow. I thought a baby was bad; well, newsflash: toddlers have just as much {if not more} stuff!

I've found myself packing up the same basket over and over again this Summer as we travel to see family and thought I'd share some of my go-to tips for traveling with a toddler. 

Tip #1: plan ahead.

By now, if you're a mom reading this post you're thinking, duh! But wait, hear me out. As much as I write my plan out and see things following through in my head weeks prior to our trips the time always sneaks up on me. Always.

Don't just start thinking about your plan weeks before, start putting it into action. For example, all the fabulous goodies pictured above are my typical toddler road-trip backseat basket.

The one item not photographed? The pacifier I keep on backup just for long distance drives. Despite that paci being on my pack list for two weeks, I didn't muster up the motivation to track it down until the day before. And it was no where to be found. Lesson learned.

Begin gathering toddler necessities over days leading up to your trip. You'll be thankful for this, trust me!

Tip #2: Don't forget to clean out your car the weekend before leaving town.

As much stuff as you're going to be cramming into your car, you better make sure you've made room for it all. I have a bad habit of essentially living out of my car. If the apocalypse occurred, we'd be good to go for a minimum of a week just from my car stash.

Gone are the days of cruising comfortably in my sedan. No, now we're planning to replace my car for a bit more square footage...

Photo via Kia
Hint, hint Husband! Kind of loving this Sorento!

No matter what, have your car prepared for the mass amounts of toddler entertainment necessities.

Tip #3: Do not forget to pack your toddler backseat basket!

My go-to items for our backseat basket include (but are not limited to): books  galore, magna-doodle, teething toys (because you never know), snacks, back-up pacifier, tool-set and of course my toddler distraction must-have list!

Tip #4: Go in knowing you will forget something, someone (maybe you) will have a breakdown at some point, tantrums will be thrown, something will be spilled, but fun will be had, memories will be made and your Summer season will be put to good use!

Here's to hoping Fourth of July weekend goes smoother than Memorial Day!

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