Seconds of silence and snuggles

Mornings here often mirror the process of a great storm. Their is the initial cry of thunder, ahem the toddler's get-me-outta-here hollering for Daddy. Followed by a short spurt of quiet as we settle into the idea of another hopeful day ahead.

This is when said toddler curls up on the couch as mama serves him mini pancakes and a sippy cup of milk. Barney or Little Einstein is cued up for his early morning entertainment while mama runs around finishing packing lunches.

Just like his daddy, it takes a bit of time for the toddler to get his grounds in the morning.

That is, until I hear a little voice come from the couch demanding, "mommy sit. Mommy sit right here!" To deny a request so adorable? Well I just cannot.

So I sit, and he scoots closer to me. And closer. And closer. Until he has kicked the dog off the couch and claimed my lap as his. Then snuggling down onto my chest, he kicks back with mama and his sippy cup.

These moments of silence in the storm of our mornings, are my happy place. They are the best of toddlerhood and serve as affirmation this toddler loves me just as I love him.