So What Wednesday

Today, I'm putting it all on the table with my friend Shannon and saying so what?

Dear Lord, this phrase applies more to my life each and every day as we delve further into terrible-two land.

So, what?!

If I told my child he had to wear shoes to school because all the other kids are doing it. Not because his toes could get hurt or too sandy or too cold, but because the other kids are doing it. Yep, instilling the peer pressure at a young age in our house.

That I attempted to turn my toddler eating sugar-filled chewy treats into a learning lesson. Blue treat. Green treat. Lellow treat. Parenting at its finest up in here.

If I'm now scheming a massive cookout thanks to this week's Kickoff to Cookout Season series!

I've been studying, yes studying, the session agenda for BlogHer. And? I've narrowed down every session choice but one!

That I'm nowhere near ready for BlogHer and I'm in denial about the to-do list that needs to be drafted. Because for real? I'm SO.EXCITED. BlogHer veterans out there, what will I forget to do to prepare? Advice?! Business cards for BlogHer, custom ones at an affordable rate? Where should I purchase them?!

That our AC went out last week and yet I'm still planning this not-always budget friendly trip to Chicago.

That I'm feeling both inspired and burnt out all in one fowl swoop this week.

That I'm going to plug my Kickoff to Cookout Season series just one more time.

And? Thank goodness for cute toddlers.

Bless it. He even let us burry him in the sand.

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