Decorate.All.The.Things. Wedding Brunch Edition

The official countdown shows less than two months now until my cousin's wedding. This go-round, we're the family of the groom which I thought would be less work. Right? Wrong! So very, very wrong. You don't just have one big shabang to plan, you have two.

Most of the wedding guests are traveling in town for the wedding, so we're responsible for the Rehearsal Dinner and a Post Wedding Brunch of greater guest lists. The women of my family are in a frenzy to plan said events. Picture My Big Fat Greek Wedding, just we're Southern. Basically, women running around making plans upon plans.

You get the idea.

This brings us back to: T-Minus 58 Days until Wedding day. Which means 57 to rehearsal. 59 until Post Wedding Brunch. Between now and then? SO MANY THINGS.

Expect wedding party details to begin gracing the blog as my mind is all wedding wedding wedding right now. A million miles a minute. Currently on my wedding to-do list. Finalize the invitations.

We've been pooling ideas for the brunch on a group Pinterest board which has been fabulous! Enjoy a little of our inspiration for the party and get excited about an invitation debut next week :)

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  1. I am a wedding planner too. I can feel how you feel these days.

  2. I love these ideas! So fun...I used to want to be a wedding planner back in the day!

  3. Wow, love this wedding brunch edition. Actually we want a DIY wedding ceremony so would like to use such ideas in our ceremony. We have just booked one of the local Los Angeles wedding venues and rest of the arrangements are pending. If you have some wedding décor inspirations, please let me know.

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