Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

printable via My Fabuless Life
I had high hopes for going to the pool, grilling out and having a nice cold beer. You know, the usual America celebration; however, our forecast is calling for 40% thunderstorms.

As my toddler screams from his room at this moment, I wonder why daycares aren't open and what time Grandma is waking up. Because for real, after sharing Jackson's sweet traits this week, he's reverting to the devil terrible-two-year-old. This factor should also make today's holiday, ahem, interesting.

Is 7:11 a.m. too early to start drinking this 4th of July?

I peek outside to see the clouds already owning every inch of sky and think we may just hole up in our house and make some Patriotic Cookies {recipe headed your way next week}! If I get really brave, we may even venture out to see Monster's University.

Whatever today brings for you and your family I hope it is a wonderful 4th of July. To the military moms and spouses in my community: thank you for serving right along your spouses. To the the moms reading who they themselves serve: wow. thank you.

And to Jimmy, my favorite, we will always will be thankful for your service and multiple tours. We miss you everyday and as yet another patriotic holiday fills my social media feeds, my heart is always brought back to you. We love and miss. All of us.

Happy 4th, everyone. Stay safe!

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  1. awwww, I hope you did end up having a good day though! Take Jackson to see that movie! It's cute!!!

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