Custom Name String Art Tutorial

I began converting our guest room into a playroom for Jackson a few months ago and realized that all too soon that room will become his "big boy room." In a few short weeks his big boy bedding will arrive for the bunk beds we've had stowed in the attic for a year.  Soon his nursery will be a thing of the past.

So, if I'm going to decorate a room I may as well use items we can carry on in future designs. Keeping in mind the color scheme we've chosen, I've begun to carryout the decorating of Jackson's room. 

First up, his name art. I'd come across this idea on Etsy and thought this was the perfect Saturday project for me and the Husband. Boy, did I underestimate the time this craft would take, but oh man it was so worth it!

string art name tutorial

The project at hand is actually fairly simple. The time requirements a bit more than you think. Or, just don't have a kids with 7 letters in his name. Just saying. 

To start, stain a 1x6 inch piece of wood the desired color. We chose the same color as Jackson's future bunk beds and dresser. 

Pick a font and print your child's name out letter by letter. Scaling it to your piece of wood. Cut them out and tape them in place. 
string art name tutorial

Then start nailing. We spaced our nails an inch apart. 

string art name tutorial

Once the nails are in, remove the paper and start wrapping one letter at a time. 

This process calls for a drink and lots of yarn. 

string art name tutorial

The final product is such a reward to come to life, and a fun addition to any child's room!

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