Dear Husband, I've gone to BlogHer.

We hugged, we kissed, we probably ran a bit wild trying to get the toddler to daycare and me out the door for Chicago. My flight is wheels up at 8:45 and I cannot lie, I am in all reality terrified to leave my comfort zone of you and Jackson for almost four entire days. We tend to keep to our bubble, and well, we prefer it that way.

I'm anxious, excited and so insanely pumped to spend three four days with this blog community. However, that means leaving you boys behind for a bit of personal growth.

None of this would have been made possible without your support, and today I thought you deserved a little recognition.

I set my sites on BlogHer many months ago and you've been nothing if not my biggest blog fan. This has meant endless hours researching, writing, networking and working away on a bigger picture of what I'm trying to do with this space. In turn, the dishes have been ignored, the dog hair accumulated on the floor, toys remained thrown about and often times you were put second to me working away on something.

Only a few times over these months have you even begun to complain. Usually you're watching Jackson as I sprint to the computer for 8:00 pm linkups. You've learned right along with me the return on getting my posts listed in the top 50 spots of those links and you've even gone so far as to link me up when I couldn't get to a computer.

On top of that? You understand all food must be photographed before eaten. Often you don't get the first plate of food anymore, my camera does. You know that I claim the desktop night after night. You know I have some sort of DIY craft up my sleeve that you'll of course be asked to execute and will do so flawlessly.

You, my dear, are the best blog husband a girl could ask for.

Please do not think for one moment your support of this blog journey has gone unnoticed. I'll spend this weekend walking the halls alongside women who get me and this hobby I've grown to know as a community. I needed this. I need this. And you've helped make it possible.

I cannot wait to return home full of newfound inspiration, motivation and light to carry on in our daily lives.

Until then, I hope Jack is good to you this weekend and that the house is in one piece when I return.



p.s. sorry the kitchen didn't get clean before I left. That's life.