How to Pack Your Blogger Bag

One of the main necessities for attending a blog conference is arriving equipped with a well-packed blogger bag. If we're being honest, most of the "blogger bags" are really camera bags. I mean, what's a blogger without her DSLR?

So, all this in mind and BlogHer just six days away, let's talk prepping our blogger bags!

Blogger Bag Takeaways:

1. DSLR: bring it. And an extra battery, memory card, ect.

2. Pack iPad, Notebooks & an assortment of your go-to pens.

3. You'll need Business Cards (and media kits). Have them. Lots of them.

4. Power recharge galore. No matter the brand, you'll want to ensure you hit the sessions with some backup power. Also, I'm being told the Folger's Lounge at McCormick Place this year will have many extra charging stations!

5. Water bottle & Mints. Most of these posts reference gum, but in my Grandmother's opinion it's rude to chew gum and carry on a conversation in any setting. She'd be appalled if I was smackin' on some gum while pitching my blog to the fabulous BlogHer Sponsors. So, for the love of my Grandmother, please pack mints not gum.

Now excuse me as I'm off to stuff my new Jo Totes bag with all the blog bag goodies!


In need of some tips for preparing for the conference as a whole? Check out my Blogger's Guide to Preparing for a Conference and Sarah's post about boosting your self-confidence to present the best you in Chicago!

Are you headed to BlogHer 13 next week in Chicago?! I'd love to meet some of my blogging community while I'm there; leave a comment so we can make plans to meet up!

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  1. I'm going to Blogher '13, and it's my first blogging conference ever! Love the tip about the mints, just added it to my packing checklist.

    Linkouture: Musingson the Creative Side of Life

    1. This is my first conference EVER as well!! Hope to see you next week!

    2. Wait - it's your first conference ever and you're giving advice about what to bring? What do you have to base it on?

  2. I'm a newbie too! I'm excited, but feeling a little overwhelmed. Thanks for the tips!

  3. I am going! It's my first blog conference & I will have my 11 week old baby boy with me in my Ergo. I am positively giddy!

  4. Hi Erin, I sat next to you at lunch at the BlogHer conference. I just figured out how I recogonized your blog. I read this post before I left. Great to meet you! Hope you had a safe trip home.


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