Friday, July 12, 2013

How to Prepare For a Blog Conference {A Roundup}

In thirteen short days I'll board a plane bound for Chicago. I'll then anxiously wait the 45 minutes for Sarah's plane to land. And then, AND THEN, it'll be official: BlogHer '13 will be underway!

A year and a half ago when I first caught wind of this whole blog conference thing, I was immediately hooked. How could you not want to put yourself dead center of the community who just gets it?! I mean it sounds like pure heaven. 

BlogHer 13 will be my first blog conference. It will also be my first time in Chicago. My first time flying alone. And, if I'm counting, the first nights away from my husband in over three years. Lots of firsts!

Needless to say, I'm planning every single minute of my trip while also attempting to keep things flexible. Ha! Quite the oxymoron of events, y'all. But with so many event options, a plan of action is necessary. I won't be going into this naively, despite being a blog conference amateur.

Thanks to veteran posts floating amidst the inter-webs I'll be going into the conference almost* fully prepared.

How to Prepare For a Blog Conference

All that goes into getting oneself to and through a blog conference is no small task. Hours upon hours of reading recapstakeawayshow-tohow-not-to & what to wear posts has me feeling at ease with my preparations. And so, I'd thought I'd share my roundup of go-to blog conference posts.

In the grand scheme of things, you could read how-to and what-to-do posts until your flight is wheels up to the conference location.

Let me save you the time of reading every last post.

I've rounded up the most informative, inspiring posts I've come across. You'll find the best of 411 on conference attending, business card making, must-have items and how to pump up your self-esteem to see you through the weekend!

How to Prepare For a Blog Conference

How to Prepare For a Blog Conference

How to Prepare For a Blog Conference

How to Prepare For a Blog Conference

How to Prepare For a Blog Conference
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How to Prepare For a Blog Conference

There is an abundance of information within the above posts. Over the last few months I've been soaking them all in, but there have been two posts especially that have maintained my motivation and goals behind attending a blog conference.

First up, Mandy's recap from Blissdom 13. Yes, I realize I'm headed to BlogHer and they're very different conferences, but her raw take on making the conference what you want really hit home.

Quoting this sweet blogger:

" experiences are what I make of them. If I want to be a better blogger, I need to take a chance and put my true self out there. If I want to be a better friend, wife, mother.... it all requires patience and sometimes I need to take risks. It will be hard, but it's worth it. "

And then there is Heather; she's always had such a way with words and someone I'm very much looking forward to stalking finding at BlogHer. As she reflects on the experience of BlogHer's Voices of the Year, I'm overwhelmed with emotion:

"You will laugh hard, maybe cry (in a good way) and you'll look around and know why you came. You came because we're all the same. We're visionaries and creatives and we love connecting online. We write, we create, we do a whole lot of things and there is support for what you do, in other women."

All of the pins and recaps cannot even begin to mimic what I hope for my weekend at BlogHer 13. To immerse myself in this community for three whole days,  it will be euphoric; I have no doubt. My heart is beyond excited and grateful for this opportunity!

And because I can't stop planning come by next week for tips on packing your blogger bag!

Are you headed to BlogHer 13 this year? I'd love to connect with you; leave a comment!

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  1. This is great, thank you! {Maybe we'll see each other there?}

    1. Thank you! And YES, hope to see you there!

  2. Great post! I really wish I was going this year but with being PG I figured I should wait. Great tips though.

  3. This roundup of posts has been so helpful. I've been on vacation and feel like I'm trying to play catch up now for next weeks conference. I've read through all of the posts and they've had great information. This will be my first conference as well. I hope I get to meet you!

  4. This is my first BlogHer as well and I am beyond excited to meet everyone and learn more than my brain can contain. Thanks for your great insight.

  5. Thanks for the roundup...I haven't had much time to think about BlogHer, and it's, like, HERE! :) It's my first time at the "big show" - hope you have a great time!

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