I'm at #BlogHer -- Find me!

Five things you should know:

1. I'm equal parts excited and terrified I'll embarrass myself in front of the Pioneer Woman at some point over the weekend. Even if I do embarrass myself? It still means I've met her. Boom.

2. I'm going blind. So, you may know my face usually without glasses, but for sessions I'll be 4-eyes. Or? You might not know my face at all, in which case:

Chances are I may even have this shirt/necklace combo on. So, I've just made it easy for you. Come find me! I want to meet you!

3. I'm rooming with the coolest chick ever, Sarah! Stalk her blog here.

4. I started missing my toddler the moment we tucked him into bed last night.

5. I simultaneously do not miss my toddler and cannot wait to be surrounded by 5,000 other women who share in this love of community!

Cheers to BlogHer 13!
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