In the moments with Jackson

A tornado of emotions has been running through our home for several months now. It's as though someone informed Jackson that the two-year milestone meant he was now to intimidate the tasmanian devil by swirling about just as in the cartoons.

As parents, we're emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually exhausted. The terrible-two's is no myth my friends. Oh no, it is a true legend. 

But as emotional as this season may be, there is also the other side to the spectrum. It's the kind, gentle and lovable emotions that affirm each of our questionable parenting instances.

27 months and counting for this guy. 

For now, we're here, in these moments:

Cuddles every night before bed. Loving to honk shoo pretending he's snoozing away as we often did to prompt him to nigh nigh time months ago. 

Grabbing of any adult's hand in search of adventure. Mom, Dad, Sulli, waitress. 

The phrase come on is always said with so much enthusiasm and in the cutest tone ever. 

If in the mood he loves sitting with us and snuggling. These days are ideal toddler & parenting days.

He prefers intertwined fingers when holding hands. My favorite. 

He repeats everything you say. Everything. 

He's enamored by the potty. By us going potty. By the dogs going potty. He loves the potty. Hence potty training is in our near future much to my denial.

His two single favorite people in this world (aside from mom and dad) are Sulli and Lady (my mom and my grandmother). It's such a beautiful time in life watching him create a bond with these women.

Still hates the school drop off. Clings to me everyday, breaking my heart but affirming we're doing something right. Or, he just know how to play his mom already. 

He has more facial expressions than I could've dreamt. Many of them being eye rolls and side shots. He's been paying too much attention to mama apparently. 

His favorite things are: bubbles, driving (trucks, cars, tractor), dinosaurs, painting, Dora the explorer and pat pat (little Einsteins), his dogs, his Scout and blankie.

Loves Abby Cadabby Elmo Bert and Ernie. Cookie Monster OMG. For the love of Cooookie Monster! He does the greatest Cookie Monster impression. Hands down. It's hilarious. Especially when he uses mini pancakes as his cookies. Makes me giggle with him even in the most stressful of moments. 

Country music is his jam. Eric Church specifically, but he's good to rock to anything on Pandora top country radio. 

He's now expressing true concern for others both in real life and on television. Example: if Rocket in Little Einsteins gets lost he stands and exclaims oh no!! 

S'that? (What's that?) Accompanied by pointing may be Brandon and my biggest weak spot right now. So cute when he inquires about all the new things!

You'll now find him showing off by spinning in a super fast circle then proclaims ta-da!

Is a world class tickler. And proclaims tickle tickle tickle in doing so. 

Loving dancing and singing. Theme songs get him going. 

He'll take things apart just to put them back together. Ahem, Dad's flashlights! 

Getting on chairs is a strategic routine of pulling up on his chest then sliding to his knees and pulling up. Every. Single. Time. Adorable. 

The park is equivalent to heaven and the one around the corner from our house is the go to. 

Signs you have a clumsy kid, frequent phrases are: my fall down and my be careful.

He's in the throws of terrible two tantrums. Time out has done nothing repetition has done nothing. At this point we're counting on prayer to see us through this phase. 

As much attitude he encompasses he shines just as much love. Though its been tough to see through the clouds of tantrums it's there. So much love. 

Here's to month 27, may this month bring rainbows and glitter compared to last month's tantrums.

Cheers, Jack Bear! (but remember no mommy juice for toddlers)

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  1. It's been said that my (soon to be) 27 month old is the poster child for the Terrible Twos. I am right there with you my friend, it is no myth. I'm glad you are able to see all the good times outside those tantrums, I know that can be tough, but know that you are not alone. Those nights that you're crying because "Two is hard" I'm probably crying too. It will get better, as they grow and learn to express themselves in a way that we understand. For now, focus on the snuggles, the laughter, the hugs and kisses, the joy of being his mama. Hang in there, you're doing a fantabulous job!

  2. Put on your seat belts because it's really the Terrible Threes! It's all worth it though (I try to repeat that as my mantra when the kids are mid-tantrum) :)

  3. I agree two is rough but also so fun watching them assert their independence and be so curious. Tiring....but fun!

  4. I hope it's glitter and rainbows for you lady! It's so fun to hear about him growing up because he and Evie are so much alike. I hear "What's that, momma?" 25,893 times per day!

    Hang in there! And we're going to have such a whirlwind fun time in Chicago THIS MONTH!

  5. Mackenzie is also becoming concerned with the characters on TV and says 'oh no' when they fall or something falls. We are also finding that time out and repetition dot work here either. By the time Erin gets home I'm so tired of hearing myself repeat the same thing 100 times.
    Glad you are finding light in the good times and his good moments. We are trying to do the same. Hang in there....your not alone!


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