Post #BlogHer Wonderings

Where's the breakfast buffet?

Is it not okay to openly tweet coworker's commentary?

Where's my celebrity stylist?

Was my job this boring last Wednesday?

How soon can I get back to a BlogHer conference?

FlyDIY Party // Sheraton Tower View // Voices of the Year // Mark Hill Hair

Real world has been brutal these last 72 hours. Having a head-cold hit me mid-conference has not helped in my recovery process; however, thanks to some strong decongestants and a bit of cough syrup, I'm told I'll survive.

White Cloud Cocktail with Melissa and Sarah

As discussed in one of my favorite sessions at BlogHer, I've been taking a look at August's editorial calendar and oh my word, I really like how the month is looking!

In August, Brandon and I celebrate our five year wedding anniversary, my cousin gets married, and Brandon's 30th Birthday will round out the end of the month. Not to mention National S'mores days in a couple weeks! Need I say more?

I absolutely cannot wait to kick off August; be looking for some fun things around the blog!

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