Green Giant Veggie Chips: The Healthier Chip.

A long day; a glass of wine; a toddler who is finally asleep. This is my happy place.  The day is winding down, I can high-five my Husband for still having a few shreds of sanity left and enjoy the fleeting few moments of the day.

That's when it hits: my salty cravings. I've had this salty craving since high school. It's a curse I tell you, and at this season in life who am I to refuse a good craving?

So, I stroll to the pantry in search of something suitable. Not too guilt-inducing, but it's got to hit the spot. Lately, that hit-the-spot snack has been lacking in excitement. And then, as I stared at some unappealing rice cakes in the snack aisle I came upon the Green Giant Veggie Chips.

Green Giant Veggie Chips review #ad

I did a double take wondering when Green Giant arrived with a brand of chips and so thankful for a new munching option. Can you imagine, a healthier chip choice? Here it is, y'all!

In testing out these chips, I made one fatal mistake though: I shared them with my family.
And my toddler? He was a chip hog.

Green Giant Veggie Chips review #ad

I did thankfully manage to sneak these chips away for some personal snacking before the toddler devoured them all. Between Jackson and Brandon these Green Giant Veggie Chips were gone in the matter of a day. We tested out the Multigrain Sweet Potato BBQ and Roasted Veggie Tortilla Garden Chips to kick off our new chip addiction.

As Brandon put it: they're going to put the other chip people out of business. 

The Multigrain Sweet Potato BBQ were certainly a chip of their own, and right on track with my Husband's current sweet potato obsession. The texture was nice and the flavor not too powerful.

Green Giant Veggie Chips review #ad

The Roasted Veggie Tortilla Garden Chip on the other hand at first presented itself as a replica of another popular cool ranch chip. But upon further taste testing, the flavor of these easily won out over my previous ranch chip munchies.

Green Giant Veggie Chips review #ad

And to think they're veggie chips! Yes please, can we have some more?!

Psst....If you're looking for a dip to go along with your new chip habit, look no further than Slim Sanity and Betty Crocker.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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