Post Wedding Brunch Recap

Aside from BlogHer madness, I've also been in the midst of wedding festivity planning for my cousin. In a cruel twist of fate BlogHer, our five-year wedding anniversary and my cousin's wedding ran in three consecutive weekends. So we've not been busy. At all.

Ahem, can you read through to the sarcasm?

Once pulling myself out of the BlogHer daze, I told the Husband to put the anniversary on pause until Labor Day weekend because I had a Post Wedding Brunch to prepare. Shout out to the husband for crafting on our anniversary weekend!

Along with my mom, aunt and cousins, we hosted a brunch the Sunday following the wedding. Many guests traveled to town, so it was the perfect opportunity for them to drop in, grab some coffee and a home-cooked meal before hitting the road.

We setup the brunch in a series of bars: biscuit and casserole bar, yogurt bar and last but not least cereal bar. I loved the way the brunch turned out. My mom's house just so happens to be filled with bright, beautiful colors and was essentially a decoration in itself. A few chevron runners, mason jars and floral arrangements and we called it a day!

Wedding Brunch

As you entered, we had our hot bar featuring breakfast casserole, southwestern grits, biscuits and country ham. We hit a last minute shock when realizing country ham doesn't come cooked and one must actually cook the ham. No-one knew how to cook the ham!

Grandmother to the rescue, we had an impromptu lesson in cooking country ham. Crisis averted and biscuit bar successful!

Wedding Brunch Yogurt Bar

Along with our fruit we offered a full on yogurt bar with berries, granola and a M&M's. When my aunt first put out the M&M's I thought, what the?! But the kids loved it! Hell, who are we kidding, I loved it!

Wedding Brunch Cereal Bar

My favorite setup had to be the muffins and cereal bar. There were knowingly going to be a handful of children attending the brunch, my wild toddler included, so we needed a kid-friendly station. I saw the kids running back to this bar more than anything else that morning. Fruit Loops were clearly a big hit.

Wedding Brunch Cereal Bar

And what's a party without a bit of IG documentation...

The wedding is officially behind us, the newlyweds have returned from their honeymoon, and our family is certainly blessed for our newest addition.

Also? We had our very first real babysitter experience over the weekend. Milestone! Details to come!


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