Husband, you turned the big 3-0.

For months I kept my birthday plans for you secret. Eight months to be exact. The longest eight months of my life!
This surprise, this milestone, was too big to pass up though.

Thirty.Years. Old.

In the last year, you've changed. A lot. I think as a parent it's just inevitable, even more so than in years prior. Don't worry, all this change is for the better.

If we're keeping count, this is the seventh birthday I've been honored to celebrate with you, and quite easily my favorite. For years, you've indulged me each night as I requested you tell me one reason you love me before falling asleep. And so, I thought I'd share a few, 30 to be exact, reasons I love you:

1. You're a candy crush addict, but won't admit to it.
2. You love our dogs even though they're insane.
3. You love me even though I'm insane.
4. You can talk TV repair for ten minutes without even a breath in between thoughts. I remember when the topic was computers and before that music.
5. You have learned to get out of toddler bath time but are captain of a dirty diaper these days.
6. You put an "r" when saying "wash" so it's "warsh". As much as I correct this, I love it too.
7. You are awful at pretending to listen to me.
8. You support my blog.
9. You listen to me talk incessantly about work. More importantly, you take to heart what I disclose to you about my work.
10. You and Jackson have the same favorite foods. Pizza and hamburgers.
11. You moved to South Carolina with me.
12. You still remember small details of the first night we met seven years ago, yet can't remember what we did for date night two weeks ago.
13. You are the greatest handy-man a woman could ever need.
14. You are who you are and you don't apologize for it.
15. Your heart is huge when it comes to your friends and family. So loyal you are.
16. You are now going to blogs as a point of reference and even said "they're the best place to find good information." Such a good blog husband; making me proud.
17. You're letting me help with the budget. 
18. You watch every reality show E! runs on the Kardashian family.
19. You hate musicals, but sing half of the stuff you say. 
20. Your love of music is evident in Jackson. 
21. You just redid our guest bathroom with hardly any direction from me. And I wouldn't change a thing. 
22. You made that late night run to Krispy Kreme when I was in my first trimester with Jackson. It was thirty minutes away and nearing midnight. I still appreciate that moment...and that nearly fresh donut.
23. You split meals with me when we go out to eat. 
24. You do laundry.
25. You let Jackson in on yard work. 
26. You cook dinner. 
27. You are an amazing husband and dad.
28. You were genuinely surprised by your birthday weekend. 
29. You love bigger than anyone.
30.  You are my greatest blessing and friend. 

Here's two the next thirty my love!