31 Days of Writing My Heart {Day One}

October was once introduced as my favorite month. However, that tune has changed in the last couple of years. You see, October is my birthday month. And? As it turns out, I'm not one of those people who embraces this marking of age thing

So, here we are three days into October and I'm in denial. It'd be easy to blame this denial on my impending birthday, but my heart knows that's not the truth. The truth is I'm mentally exhausted. The truth is I've been holding it all in. The truth is the world we live in is real and cold and filled with evil. The truth is the "small" things are our greatest gifts. The truth is, above all, faith & family are first. 

My heart has been layered in so many truths in the last four months that I find myself short of words. For the first time ever, I've been stunned speechless by life's lessons. From great blessings to deep sorrow, it has been quite the season of life, one which calls for some reflection. 

To give myself space for reflection on my latest season of life, I'm going to be linking up with The Nester for her 31 Days of Writing prompt. Over 1,400 bloggers are linking up under different topics to commit to 31 Days of Writing. I'm a few days behind so stick with me :)

I hope y'all will join me for this series as I lay out my heart and my truths. 

This post is going to serve as the main link to the series, and you can find the button in my side bar. I'm really looking forward to connecting with y'all this month. If you're joining in with the 31 Days of Writing prompt share your post in the comments; I'd love to follow along with you this month! 

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