An Open Letter to The American Politician

Thanks to my early-set internal clock, I was presented with a few moments to catch the morning news over the weekend. I flipped through a few stations, debating which panel of "experts" I’d listen into that morning. CNN won out; shocker, I know.

As I listened to Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas defending the Republican party's stance, I glanced over to see a digital time clock counting each moment of Candy Crowley’s show. At first sight, I wasn’t sure what this clock was but a closer look, and my eyeglasses in place, I confirmed CNN is in fact counting up the minutes, hours, days that our government remains shutdown.

It was in this moment I began to weep. Even now, writing these words, tears are brimming as my heart rests on the reality of the state of our Union.

We are shut down.

Are the American constituents the only ones who realize the severity of the childishness coming from the leaders of our country? Please tell me this isn't so. 

Senators, Congressmen, and even Mr. President, we need you to step up. We need you to put down your armor and agendas and think of the people. We’ve elected you into the most fundamental positions our country offers and here we are sitting in our homes wondering where we went wrong as a nation.

How is it that my toddler’s 2-A class shows more respect to one another in sharing things than the leaders of the world’s greatest nation?

If one were to breakdown the statistics of my household you’d see something along these lines: dual income, two college degrees (one paid off, one still holding 25+ thousand in debt), one starter home (3 bedroom, 2 bath), one child, two dogs, minimal investments and 401k. We are about as "Middle Class" of an American Family you can find and I have news for you: we are not making it.

Forget the shutdown, forget the numbers and charts and budget deadlines. Forget about all of it, I beg of you.

Step outside of your offices there on the Hill and take a walk through some of our Capital’s attractions. Stop and speak to the people in your city. Take a genuine moment to address the average individual voter and inquire as to the stability of their life. 

Don’t have the time? Too busy nailing down which amendment you’ll throw into the next proposed agreement? 
Fine. I’ll break it down for you.

The Middle Class you all so strongly suggest you want to build up is collapsing around you. We are not growing stronger; we are growing weary. Each time paychecks come in, bills go out and bank accounts are left sitting with a measly few dollars. You have not lifted us up as the media would like us to believe. No, you continue to bring us down.

The Middle Class is weeping. The Lower Class is weeping. And at this point, even respected members of the Upper Class are wondering how to make accounts float as they support every member of their families, children, grandchildren, etc.

How long will it take for you all to realize your adolescent issues with one another are the leading cause of our country losing faith in the government. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Tea Party supporters, it doesn’t matter, we are first and foremost American. Quit it with the career politician nonsense, quit it with the absurd refusals to comprise and quit testing one another to see just how far you can push a party.

Your country is in mourning, and you are the only ones who can change this.

I beg of you, act like adults.


A Concerned American Voter

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