A Mid-Year Milestone & Chuggington Wooden Railway #Giveaway

I can still recall the first time Jackson imitated a Chuggington choo-choo with full-on childhood excitement. It was just a tiny arm pump with an ear-to-ear grin. That tiny arm pump has since developed into an inquisitive little toddler asking "mama, where choo-choo at?"

Chuggington Wooden Railway #Giveaway

Hard to believe that last week my baby who first recognized the choo-choo turned two and a half years old. 30 months. 130.4 weeks, according to the Google. No longer quite a baby. Who are we kidding, he's far from a baby these days.

In these 30 months, Jackson has gone from snuggling up for an episode of Chuggington, to requesting his very on Chuggington setup. You may recall, Christmas last year even had a bit of a Chuggington theme. Gah, this kid can just not get enough of it!

Chuggington Wooden Railway #Giveaway

So, when the Chuggington Wooden Wilson's Lift & Load Figure 8 Set arrived on our doorstep I was ecstatic! Our playroom, ahem quasi guest room, doesn't quite have room for a train table, so I improvised with our toy chest. And? It made the perfect setting for our new Chuggington Lift & Load Station.

Immediately drawn the bridge, you could see his little imagination beginning to flourish! This wooden railway is the ideal set for the budding engineer, and with not too many pieces a quick assembly for Mom and Dad.

Chuggington Wooden Railway #Giveaway

Chuggington Wooden Railway #Giveaway

Jackson loves the lift tower! He spent a good ten minutes back and forth with the tower before moving on for another lap around to the loading station. I chugged Wilson along with Jackson, impressed by the wooden track.

As a boy-mama, I always love seeing kids' train tables set up with a multitude of tracks and I'm so excited to get Jack's collection started with this Wilson's Lift & Load Set. And, as I've learned from Sarah, even girl-moms need a good train set in their lives.

Chuggington Wooden Railway #Giveaway

Creative play is an important factor in this season of our children's lives. I'm excited for the chance to provide a toy that sparks his imagination and fuels his creativity. 

If you would've asked me four years ago if I'd ever spend an entire afternoon staring at my toddler through the door of his playroom as he chugga-choo-choo'd his little heart out, I'd have laughed in your face. Motherhood took me by surprise and I could not be more thankful. It's moments like these that bring this whole parenting gig into perspective. 

The fabulous people from TOMY Toys are offering one of The View From 510 readers their own Chuggington Wooden Wilson Lift & Load Figure 8 Set! Follow the Rafflecopter prompt below and best of luck!

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