Finding The Peace.

Much of the push behind the 31 Days of Writing My Heart series stemmed from life hurdling truths my way as I clumsily attempted to catch all that was being thrown at me.

Between parenting, maintaining a happy marriage, working full time, blogging and meeting obligations, my heart was heavy. Not because it was all bad or too much to handle, but because I’d not taken the time to ever digest any of it.

Much of my job as a paralegal, as my boss once stated, is to act as the keeper of the radar. Any and every thing is my responsibility. Any ball we’ve thrown into the air is mine to juggle and pass off at the proper time knowing full well it’ll be mine to handle again shortly thereafter.

As a mother and wife, this keeper of the radar title tends to spill over at home too. I mean as women, we tend to pride ourselves on doing it all, and I am no different.

However, in the midst of doing it all, I’d not taken time to sit and really reflect on the lessons and experiences God had shown me in the latest season of life. I’m talking about the kind of "me" time where you sit in quiet with your thoughts, scripture and an open heart.

Part of my challenge to Write My Heart was to in turn be true to it. I’ve analyzed moments that I’ve lived in the last months, I’ve thanked Him endlessly for opportunities we’ve been presented with and the blessings we’re seeing in life. But this hasn’t stopped the bustle of every day.

This quiet can’t stop the toddler tantrums, chaos at work, cars that breakdown, trips that get cancelled and life that beats to its own drum.

I found myself anxious for the most part yesterday. Stressing over every little thing, from meeting deadlines to planning vacations and getting my kid to the State Fair. I was a frazzled mess over items that would have been better met with confidence and His truths rather than anxiety.

After hours of stress, I shut it all out for ten minutes to reread my devotionals from the past few days and take heart to the words He’s placed in my life as of late. It’s amazing what a few moments of shutting the world off, listening to the desires of your heart and reflecting in His peace can do.

I took a few deep breathes and reapproached the day with a sense of calm and a collected heart.

Be Thankful - Colossians 3:!5

As we enter into the weekend I hope for a couple of days filled with family and laughter. From our wild home to yours, I hope the weekend keeps internal storms at bay and presents you with a happy, peaceful heart.

This is the ninth post in the series 31 Days of Writing My Heart.

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