Full Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreements {Day 2}

My job comes with a lot of full disclosure and confidentiality agreements. In the legal field it's a given that everything is confidential. People come to us with their greatest legal troubles, trusting our office to counsel them through whatever stormy season of life they're experiencing.

Literally every piece of paper that crosses my desk is confidential information. Quite frankly, on a day-to-day basis this won't weigh on you much. I mean, mainly, people outside of that case and their legal team wouldn't sell their second baby to learn about these cases.

It's no secret we're all walking some sort of tough road, and the cases filling my office are no different. That is until one case crosses your desk that is different. That one case where the confidentiality will eat at you. That one case where the media has it all wrong. That one case where you want to jump up and down screaming oh my God! That one case where you have to bottle it up, swallow it down and hold your morals close.

I can't share the details of my cases, our clients or their circumstances with anyone. But you know what? No matter the case, even that case, I'd never really want to break that promise of confidence. Not ever.

What I can share, however, are my take-aways. You see, in every case there is a greater lesson. As the paralegal, I get full disclosure. I see not just the details of the parties but also their legal teams. And it's in this role, I'm coming to learn some of life's greatest lessons.

Stick around, I've got good things to share.
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