My Heart: On Adoption

A seed was planted in my heart before I could fully grasp the notion of adoption.

I couldn’t have been thirteen when I first heard my calling to adopt. A couple from our church had been in the adoption process for years and were finally preparing to bring their baby home. Even now, I can feel the lump in my throat, tears in my eyes and joy in my heart as I type those words.

Our church rallied around this couple, prayed for them, assisted in fundraising and then after years of paperwork and prayer they were going to be parents, they were bringing their baby home. It was a beautiful thing that first Sunday their son attended church. I remember looking over to the pew where they sat and feeling sheer joy and peace.

Adoption: it was something that I wanted for my life, and I had no wavering in my heart as to this fact.

Years later, I sat in my doctor’s office with a numb heart she told me of infertility issues I'd experience without medical intervention. I thought, perhaps, this is why He planted the seed of adoption in my heart at such a young age. It was to prepare me for that very moment in life. Because in all the sadness of not having biological children, I knew it did not mean I would never be a mother.

I’ve never pushed or even talked too much about my hopes for adoption with Brandon. Mainly, because in a brief mention of it, I could see that his heart wasn’t ready for the idea and I can respect that.

Despite my silence on the topic of adoption in day-to-day life, my heart has by no means closed to this calling. I have spent time reading other blogs dealing with adoption, I’ve supported fundraisers and friends and lifted prayers, but I have never been so close to the adoption process that it moved me body and soul until this year.

This year changed everything. This year the seed grew tenfold. This year my heart was open to the true process of adoption, the good, the bad and the very ugly. This year when I thought I knew all there was to an adoption, my faith was tested, my heart was slain and my call to adopt was given the ultimate test.

And now, I work to collect the truths I've witnessed and how they've altered my heart, my perception of my truths and even more of His truths. I'm still collecting my thoughts on this topic. 

Expect to be back here again before we finish out the 31 Days of Writing My Heart series. If you have any specific thoughts to share on the topic of adoption, I'd love to hear them.

This is the twelfth post in the 31 Days of Writing My Heart series.

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  1. Adoption is a wonderful thing. I am adopted by my father. My bio-dad died when I was very very young. My Mom met my Dad when I was 2. They were married when I was 6. He was the best thing for my Mom and brought me up right. He always treated me like his, his family too! They taught respect, putting others first, faith and always do what your heart says. I am very thankful for it all. The day I lost my father was the hardest day of my life.

  2. I think it is amazing how He works. I know I have shared a little with you about me and my adoption- I was adopted as a baby. It has been a journey in adulthood as my biological mother contacted me against my will (I was very clear that I did NOT want to be sought after), but anyway, I have seen many different types of adoptions, and I think they are a difficult but incredibly wonderful thing. It hurts my heart to know that there are adoptees out there who have not had a positive experience, but my experience has been wonderful, my parents were exceptionally wonderful to me, and I am so grateful that I was adopted by them. If you ever want to talk about it, I will certainly be there.

  3. I've heard a calling for adoption too....more like a whisper, though. It's something I'm open to, but I also love having our own children...watching them grow, seeing parts of us come to life in ways we've never seen. Lots to pray about!

  4. I'm so glad that people do adopt...because without them these children wanting a home would not have them. It is such a blessing. I just wish the adoption process was easier and cheaper for those willing to do this great calling.

  5. Since our niece and nephew are adopted (well, one is still in the foster-to-adopt process), this is something that hits close to home and I, too, think it's a beautiful thing. Such a nice picture of how God takes us in as his children.

  6. I have experienced the beauty and miracle of adoption. Our daughter chose to give her baby to a God-chosen couple, just a few days after she had graduated from high school. She's an amazing woman - now, years later, she's a mother of 3 little ones, but I will never be the same because of the lessons she taught me in this process. It's definitely a beautiful thing...especially to see how God leads and provides each detail that assure you it's HIS will. I think giving a baby up for adoption is the most selfless act any woman can ever do.


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