The Not-So Isolated Mother

In the trenches of motherhood, as your toddler stands at the end of the hallway screaming his guts out, kicking his legs in utter defiance of following your instructions that it's time to get ready for school, one can easily forget they’re not in this alone.

In the trenches of motherhood, as your toddler throws his food to the dogs and pushes his plate away announcing "I no like it. I want candies," one can easily forget they’re not in this alone.

In the trenches of motherhood, as your toddler smears chocolate all over your new couch then round-house kicks you to the eyeball, one can easily forget they’re not in this alone.

In the trenches of motherhood, as your toddler once again throws a monumental tantrum over the dogs’ allowance to go outside and that someone other than said toddler opened the back door, tensions rise, patience is tested, blood begins to bubble, and mom easily forget she’s not in this alone.

These moments of toddler breakdown feel like such isolated moments. In a split second the day has gone from joyful to full-on meltdown and it’s as though the bubble in which you reside is closing in.

What I tend to forget, though, is that in each of these situations an amazing partner has been standing by my side. Too often I let my bubble of motherhood close in too tightly. I allow Jackson’s tantrums to control me, my day and my attitude. I harp on how his behavior has effected my day and my plans.

The reality of this motherhood thing, for me, is that I’m not in this alone. I’m blessed that in each situation, I’ve had my husband by my side enduring these tests along with me. While I’ve been deep in the trenches of motherhood feeling isolated, Brandon has been right there with me waiting for me to widen my perspective.

The trenches of fatherhood test his abilities of reason and patience just as mine are tested as a mother. Our wild emotions are felt just as strongly in our partners. With tiny people ruling our days, it’s all too easy to lose sight of the bigger picture of parenting. 

This isn’t about Jackson or Brandon or even me. This is about all of us as a family unit. 

As I am more intentional with my quiet time, I also pray to be more intentional with recognizing we are in this together. That what effects me effects him. That what I’m enduring he is as well. That the tantrums and chores and tasks of life can be too much for him too. That I’m blessed to have a partner to stand with in this season of life. I want to be intentional about us tackling parenthood and family together.

This is the seventh post in the 31 Days of Writing My Heart series.

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  1. You are definitely not in this alone. Not only do you have Brandon, but you have your fellow toddler moms to commiserate and share your joys with. :)

  2. Nope you are not alone...and glad you have such a great partner in your life to go through it with you!


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