5 on Friday


We're eight weeks into the Life Created link party, and I find myself continually inspired. Attending the BlogHer conference this summer had me even more excited about the community blogging brings. So, I was thrilled when Sarah and I teamed up to host the Life Created link party.

Every week we hope you'll join us to share your latest projects, whatever they may be. Make it. Bake it. Build it. Then share your bit of life created with us! We have some fabulous features this week...for example these Orange Sweet Rolls from The First Year.


October slipped by me. Truly. Wasn't it just October 1st? Last month, I joined in The Nester's 31 Days Series by committing to post on a topic for the duration of a month. My topic? 31 Days of Writing My Heart, find my landing page for the series here.

I wasn't consistent to the 31 days as hoped, but have a couple more posts for the series saved in draft that'll be published over the weekend. The series was more than I could've expected and I'm going to round it out with a bit of grace and thanks, hopefully. For the time being, I highly recommend checking out my top three 31 Days series for the mama soul. Erin, Amanda and Jessi have each rounded out their series with such conviction, I can't help but be encouraged. Check them out y'all!


November is already breathing fresh air into my spirit. And, as we're just a few days out from a trip back to Nashville, I cannot wait to be surrounded by friends and family we so rarely get to see. I'm planning time to cheer on the Tide with friends, shop for bridesmaid dresses with my SIL and enjoy a tiny break from work.


Halloween happened. Yep, no way around it despite our already packed schedules. Sweet details on Jackson's third Halloween next week. Sneak peek of his Jake and the Neverland Pirate Costume: vest, boot covers and bandana. To be shared next week: a seriously cute toddler, and our first official time trick-or-treating!


You've likely caught on that  I was a bit behind on Halloween this week. I found myself in the kitchen late Wednesday night whipping up a last minute recipe for our office Halloween party. And? These Oreo Brownie Bites turned out better than I'd imagined! We'll be doing a bit more post-Halloween celebrations as this working mama comes up for a breathe of fresh air.

Oreo Brownie Bite recipe

Happy Friday! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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