Five on Friday

I know I'm not alone in declaring the first half of this month a complete blur. And, if my body doesn't catch up with the time change and pre-Holiday travel soon I'm going to officially invest in Starbucks.

I'm feeling chatty, so how about some five on friday to round out the week?

Ok, ok, fine. It's a few more than five. It's good stuff, promise!


The State Fair has come and gone. Am I the only one who grew up with this as a Fall tradition? I mean it's like a staple event of the season for Columbia. It also serves as a perfect reminder of why I love our city so much. Tradition and family. 


Halloween costumes. Jackson wore it for all of five minutes. If I'm being honest, really truly honest, it's more like two. There's always next year.


Toddlers are wildly emotional beings. Mornings around here are tough and Jackson clings to me like white on rice. Eh, that awful pun is all I've got. He's in a mama phase so much that it's driving mama and daddy crazy! Tips on getting through this season appreciated in the comments below.

The silly moment pictured above? Evidence he can be happy and loving. That reminder is needed these days.


Toddler tantrums and working mom woes had me so off schedule last month. It took me almost an entire week after Halloween to find time for my planned activity. But these cookie cutters and sprinkle set were not to be missed! Thank you, Michaels.


Last weekend we took a few extra days and traveled to Nashville to see the in-laws and friends in Middle Tennessee. After just one day with my MIL, Jackson slept 12 hours!! Where are those kinds of sleep times when it's mom and dad, dude?!


Jackson slept, but I did not. I never really do when we go back to Middle Tennessee. This called for extra Starbucks and the first peppermint mocha of the season. 


Confession: Aside from seeing friends, I essentially eat my way through favorite Middle Tennessee Cravings. These include but are not limited to: Newk's Express Cafe, Kleer Vu, Jim & Nick's. Please and thank you. 


Christmas decorations are up at the sorority house. Swoon. I'm so excited about the looming Holiday season!


Speaking of Holiday season, my Naptime Diaries Advent Calendar prints arrived yesterday. LOVE!! These will likely be the first bit of Christmas to deck our halls! Grab your on set here


I've been working on a handful of projects that I cannot wait to share with y'all in the coming weeks. But, for now, before we close out the week I wanted to thank all of you who are joining us each week for the Life Created Tuesdays link party. More of you have joined us this week than any other week. For that my heart is so full. Community is the basis for our weekly party and I'm so happy to see y'all sharing your creativity with us!

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