Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cookie Decorating & Halloween Recap

I was so pumped for Halloween this year because you can tell Jackson is really getting things lately. And, around our household, I aim to give each Holiday milestone its due diligence. Truth be told though, Halloween almost got away from me. But I was determined this Holiday would not go undocumented!

Thanks to my mom and grandmother, Jackson had the cutest little Jake of the Neverland Pirates costume.  Pictured: vest, bandana and boot covers.

Did he wear it? Not so much. The whole costume only graced his cute self for a total of five minutes. 
After that, I was lucky he still resembled a pirate. 

The good news? He was super cute trick-or-treating!!

We went with his cousin to a few of my grandmother's neighbors for his first go at trick-or-treating. Most of these neighbors have known me since I was a child, which turned out to be good as he'd knock on the door, ring the doorbell and then proceed to open the door if it wasn't answered in a timely manner. 

The child has no fear and knows no stranger when it comes to candy. Terrifying.  

To defer from his candy box, I planned an afternoon of Halloween cookie decorating. Granted, we didn't get to do this cookie decorating until a few days after Halloween. I'm so glad I still went through with our little activity.  And now, I have even more ideas for next year!

Halloween Cookie Decorating

For a two-year-old, there's nothing like pouring a whole bottle of Wilton sprinkles on a singular cookie. Thankfully, he was so happy with his sprinkle art he didn't feel the need to consume all the sugar! 

Have you ever been caught by that center aisle at Michaels? That's how I ended up with both these Wilton cookie cutters and sprinkle set. And, I can't lie, I've already been back for items for Thanksgiving and Christmas cookie baking! Hooray! 

So, there you have it. Halloween 2013, better late than never. 

*FYI, no sponsored content today. Just a love of Wilton & Michael's. 


  1. How cute! Great costumes, and it looks like you guys had a wonderful time!

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