Small Town Story

I’m from South Carolina.

He’s from Tennessee.

I’m a paralegal.

He does IT and home installations.

Our idea of a date night is a quick dinner then returning home for the week’s line-up of shows we didn’t have time to watch. Day in and out, there’s not much glitz and glam to our everyday lives. And in all honesty, I am more than happy with living a 'good enough' life.

Yes, it’s true I once dreamed of living in a 200 square foot loft packed alongside too many roommates in the heart of New York City. But, let’s get real, I was thirteen and thought any MTV show was a reflective my future lifestyle. Funny how your dreams morph from one season of life to another.

When leaving for college, I all but swore I'd never live in my hometown again. Yet, becoming a parent changed that in a split second. We've been back in my hometown for an official three years. Three whole years, and my heart is so full thanks to this city. 

I find so much joy in watching Jackson live out memories in the same parks and museums and communities, often at the same events and with the same people who cultivated the awesomeness of my childhood.  

State Fair 2013

Yep, even something as simple as the State Fair gets me all sentimental. 

I can still recall the sea lion ride that was a few spots behind the rocket, it was the best at age four. And then there was the fireball when we were teens. And now? I have the opportunity to watch Jackson grow to know early days out of school, late nights running wild with friends at the fair and meeting your party at the rocket.

The impact such seemingly small moments of childhood have on our roots is a funny, funny thing. 

It's certainly not New York, but I wouldn't trade it. If it takes living in my hometown to see dreams I never even knew I had play out, then so be it. I couldn't be happier to live a simple small-town story. 

Grab your kids, husbands, friends and do something that fills your heart with joy today!

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