2013 in Review

My heart has been prepping for 2014 for days now, but I knew 2013 was owed its due post. So, here's a bit of our 2013 in review. Overall, it was a blessed year full of challenges and grace and love.

Friends, family, engagements, trips, weddings, oh my. Before I jump started a new year I better take a bit of time to reflect on all the good of 2013. There was so much good!


-I reflected on the many milestones Jackson pummeled through.
-Attended the SC State Society Inaugural Ball. Gah, this was such a fun moment in life! My cousin was the chair of the ball giving me the opportunity to serve on the committee. So.Much.Fun! Loved this experience.
-Gave thanks. Such a great post to look back on!


-Actually got crafty...and enjoyed the mess.
-Jackson's sweet toddler vocabulary progressed with an "I luh you."

-Hung our gallery wall in the master bedroom and love it. In fact, I need to share it's minimal updates. Perhaps that should be added to the 2014 to-do list!
-Enduring the beginnings of terrible two's with a few tricks up our sleeves and a lot of prayer.

-Prioritized our pets. Oh lord, don't even get me started on this sweet pup! If you follow me on InstaGram, you know we've been through the ringer with Millie in the last week. Thankfully, we're headed into 2014 with a diagnosis and hope of many more healthy years with our baby girl. 

-Spent a lot of time writing sappy posts about parentingmonthly milestones and all around family awesomeness. Clearly my child was on the verge of a birthday.
-Celebrated one year with my law firm, but didn't post about it until May :)

-Yep, Jackson turned two. We celebrated with Emma in a joint party at The Little Gym. I'll never forget the drive home as he sung happy birthday to himself then told us it was the best day ever. Talk about being overcome with lots of grace and thanks.


-Looking back, I spent some time in April doting on Brandon and what a rockin' husband and dad he is.  Did you know he's the laundry man around the house? And? I shared a little piece of my heart on how I approach marriage.

Day with Dad - April 2013


-I gushed over my love of the blog community.
-Shared my best menu planning tips! I'm such an advocate of menu planning, it'll do wonders for your budget and grocery time!
-I'm still swooning over my Mother's Day Gift Guide...may just have to throw that back into rotation for Valentine's Day :)
-Remembered G-Pa on the blog...eight years after his passing. Miss that man.
-Talked about choosing a 'good enough' life and getting messy in motherhood.
-Took a fool's vacation...Praying the 2014 beach trip goes better than this catastrophe.

-Delved into the trenches of the mythical terrible two's. We've spent the following six months deep in these terrible two trenches.


-Let my toddler explore his inner artist.
-Celebrated Brandon's third Father's Day.
-Shared the Kickoff to Cookout Season Series.


-Recapped some moments with Jackson. They really just slip by you!

-Prepared for and attended the BlogHer Conference. In prepping, I shared a roundup of how to pack your blogger bag, how to prep for a blog conference - these posts are stuffed full of references to newbies and veterans alike with tips galore! And of course I have recap or three :)

This experience involved many posts, and I could post so many more. I'm thankful to my family who helped provide me the opportunity to turn my blog friends into real live people I could hug and bond with for three days this Summer.

Melissa (The Mommyhood Chronicles) // me // Sarah (It's a Vol!)


-Brandon and I celebrated five years of marital bliss. Let's get real. Marriage is work and it's a blessing to have someone stand by you each day. Blessed, we are.
-Also, truth be told, the blog was a bit quiet this month because I was planning Brandon's surprise 30th Birthday Party. 

-A gathering of his oldest, closest friends in the mountains...away from reality to celebrate him and his friendships for a few days. It was more than I could've ever imagined. My heart was so overwhelmed many times over the weekend. In January 2013, I set out to be inspired by Brandon's friend Jimmy, and really he was the spark behind planning this trip.
-My cousin got married and I co-hosted the Post-Wedding Brunch. We had a lot of fun with this! It was such a beautiful wedding and an even better addition to our family!


Teamed up with Sarah of It's a Vol and announced our Life Created Tuesdays link party! HOORAY! I've loved sharing in this party with y'all each week. We'll be picking up with week 16 of Life Created Tuesdays next week! Join us? Find more details here!


-Celebrated my 26th birthday.
-Joined up with The Nester to partake in her 31 Days challenge. I chose 31 Days of Writing My Heart. A general topic that would allow me time for reflection and quiet. This month, this exercise was life changing. You can find the series anchor post here. And, although I didn't publish all of the drafted posts for this series, my heart grew tremendously in these 31 days.  Wild what a bit of quiet can do for ones soul.


-Some months are a blur. Hopefully I'm not the only mother who feels as such. November was this type of month for me. Sometimes a five on friday post does just the trick to gather all those fleeting moments! For example, you like how Halloween 2013 is thrown in with November? Don't judge.
-Spent time being thankful and preparing for the advent season.


-A month packed full of family. In total I believe we attended five Christmas celebrations with family. This whole Christmas thing as an adult is still an adjustment but the joy in Jackson's heart makes it so worth the sleepless nights of December. So far, Christmas 2013 hasn't graced the blog! Better get to that...
-In other news, I hosted a Christmas Cookie Guide and loved every single calorie, recipe and sweet treat! If you missed it, I've shared a handful of cookie recipes from my kitchen along with some of my favorite bloggers' recipes! Don't miss out find the series here :)

All in all 2013 presented it's fair share of obstacles, mainly those of which I plan to address in a few goal setting posts in the coming days. For now, I like taking in the highlight reel. Many blessings in 2013 and I do believe 2014 has many more in store.

Happy New Year from my wild family to yours!